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We now have in situ a highly qualified Podiatric Foot Surgeon who can offer needling for Verrucae treatments and other minor foot surgery including nail removal and bunions for more information contact us by email (enquiries@thefootworks.net) or telephone (01772 679222) 
Verrucae are warts which are usually found on the sole of the foot and caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV) of which there are over 100 types. Verrucae can be uncomfortable, especially on weight bearing areas or when callus forms over the top of them. 
There are several treatment options available, the podiatrist can talk you through them with associated costs. A treatment plan will be drawn up for you by your podiatrist. Other treatment could include Cryotherapy (Freezing), Acid based treatments and Needling. 
The virus thrives in wet conditions such as swimming pools and communal changing areas and they are contagious through person to person contact.  
Some precautions in preventing verrucae. 
Don't touch other people's verrucae 
Don't share towels, shoes or socks 
Weat flip-flops in communal areas 
If you have verrucae cover with waterproof plaster when you go swimming 
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